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A new adventure
awaits your pet
in the heart of
Warringah Mall

Combining the enjoyment of the retail experience with the holistic care of your companion, Hanrob Playgrounds provides a synonymous lifestyle your pet will love as much as you do. Our purpose-built, custom-designed doggy daycare is created to provide the best for your dog, offering a retail experience like no other. Shop, dine, relax, and explore while your best friend enjoys a unique experience of their own close by.


From the smallest to the largest of breeds, Hanrob caters to furry friends ofall shapes and sizes with three unique playground structures designed to provide the best possible experience for every dog that spends time in our high-quality facilities. Our vision is to provide your pets with a holistic, enjoyable, and fulfilling experience on every visit – giving you peace of mind and allowing you to relax, explore, and enjoy everything that Westfield has to offer.

A new adventure
awaits your pet
in the heart of
Warringah Mall

Natural beginnings
for fulfilling play

Natural beginnings
for fulfilling play

Our goal at Hanrob isn’t just to provide a temporary place for your companion to stay. With a purpose-designed set of daycare yards and play pens, your pets have access to the community and pack play needed to stimulate, enjoy, and get involved in all forms of play. From trees to boulders, log tunnels to synthetic turf, we provide an authentic experience within natural inspired surroundings to suit dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments.


For the more reserved visitors, we even offer a quiet retreat to prevent anxiety and overwhelm. Whatever the preferences of your dog or their preferred style of play, our highly-trained staff and expertly designed playgrounds are built to meet their needs and provide them with hours of fun. With our unique experience and ‘let dogs be dogs’ ethos, every pup that steps through our doors enjoys every second of their stay.



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Reimagining doggy daycare



While many doggy daycares are far from the place you want to be, Hanrob Playgrounds offers incredibly convenient access to pet care where you need it most. With a space that’s purpose-built by pet experts for your dog, you can ensure your companion gets as much out of your visit to Australia’s premier shopping centre as you do. Our trained and friendly staff provide exceptional service, putting your pup’s wellbeing first whether they are visiting for a short stay or going all-in on grooming services.


With options for two-hour stays, half days or a full day’s play, we cater to the needs of our customers perfectly. We also ensure all pets are paired with similar temperaments, offering them the opportunity to form friendships, interact, and gain those vital socialisation skills. With the world just coming out of lockdown, many pets simply don’t have the socialisation of puppy classes or dog park visits.


Hanrob Playgrounds provides a safe, interactive, and enjoyable space to build those all-important skills.


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In-house, professional grooming salon



In addition to our expert dog daycare services, we also offer on-site professional grooming for our furry guests. As part of our 700sqm storefront, our professional grooming salon pampers pets with public viewing galleries and premium products designed to make them look and feel better than ever. With everything included under one roof, you can drop your dog off with our experienced team at Hanrob Playgrounds and return to a sparkling, happy and beautifully cared-for dog once you’re finished for the day.


We offer a full spectrum of grooming services. Whether your pup needs a quick tidy up and bath or you’re looking for the complete works, from nail clipping to blow dries and styled breed trims, we use the best products to achieve the finest results. With luxurious and hand-picked premium grooming products sourced from the best brands, your pet will return to you happy, tired, and smelling wonderful after a day of play and pampering.


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Invest in the best for your furry companion



Part of the Hanrob Playgrounds experience is our extensive collection of premium retail products, offering the ideal options for much-loved family pets to enhance their day-to-day lives. With a focus on improving wellbeing, we stock a wide array of natural retail products to purchase from our on-site store – all of which are thoroughly tested and approved by our team.


From luxurious marble dog bowls to natural and premium food, we ensure we’re always stocked up with both the essentials and the unique occasion products needed to make your pet feel a million dollars. Supplements, tonics, balms, and wellness-focused treats are all included, providing something new and exciting for your beloved pet to enjoy.


Experience the best on offer for your dog from a wide range of categories including food and treats, health and wellbeing, travel, outdoors and home essentials.



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Book with us to take advantage of our opening offers and to discover how Hanrob Playgrounds can provide your pet with a unique, enjoyable environment that’s far better fun than staying at home.


For socialisation, luxury grooming, play, and fun, there’s nothing quite like our doggy daycare to make your pup’s day even better.



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Level 2, Westfield Warringah Mall Shopping Centre
Corner Old Pittwater Road and Condamine Street,


Bringing your pet to Westfield has never been easier.
Conveniently located close to two of the complexes’
major car parks, Hanrob Playground is situated
alongside HOYTS and Good Start Early Learning.
It’s effortless to navigate your pet directly
to our door or take advantage of our concierge service
to ensure your pet gets where they need to go.




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